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A gallery of plots created for blog posts.

Text Parsing and Text Analysis of a Periodic Report (with R)

Some Context Those of you non-academia folk who work in industry (like me) are probably conscious of any/all periodic reports that an independent entity publishes for your company’s industry. For example, in the insurance industry in the United States, the Federal Insurance Office of the U.S. Department of the Treasury publishes several reports on an annual basis discussing the industry at large, like this past year’s Annual Report on the Insurance Industry.

Text Parsing and Analysis of a Periodic Report

Exploration of text similarity across similarly structured documents (annual reports).

Visualizing an NBA Team's Schedule Using R

If you’re not completely new to the data science community (specifically, the #rstats community), then you’ve probably seen a version of the “famous” data science workflow diagram. 1 If one is fairly familiar with a certain topic, then one might not spend much time with the initial “visualize” step of the workflow. Such is the case with me and NBA data–as a relatively knowledgeable NBA follower, I don’t necessarily need to spend much of my time exploring raw NBA data prior to modeling.