Generating a Gallery of Visualizations for a Static Website (using R)

While I was browsing the website of fellow R blogger Ryo Nakagawara1, I was intrigued by his “Visualizations” page. The concept of creating an online “portfolio” is not novel 2, but I hadn’t thought to make one as a compilation of my own work (from blog posts)… until now 😄. The code that follows shows how I generated the body of my visualization portfolio page. The task is achieved in a couple of steps.

(Yet Another) Migration to Blogdown Post

As of today, I’ve officially made the jump to using the R package blogdown (which uses the Hugo static-site generator under the hood) for my personal website. Previously, I had been using WordPress for my blogging purposes. In sync with the change in platform, I’m changing the name of this site from “Number Sense” ( to something involving my name (Tony ElHabr). Nonetheless, my original intents to write about math, sports, and data-related things have not changed.