Texas High School Academics

  • Time: April 2018 initially, and revisited in July/August 2018
  • Duration: 4 - 6 weeks
  • Goal(s):
    • Explore Texas high school academic competition skills.
    • Practice data cleaning and visualization experimentation.
    • Refine R project development skills (e.g. using {rmarkdown} to create different output formats and {knitr} to create child documents).
  • Deliverable(s):
    • A 5-part series of blog posts investigating the nature of the competitions themselves, the achievements of individual competitors, and the success of schools from which the competitors come.
    • A blog post examining different ways to visualize the competition results geo-spatially.
    • A blog post exploring SAT results and their possible correspondence with the academic competition results.
    • A blog post detailing the challenge of joining data from various sources (with examples).
Tony ElHabr
Operations Engineer (Grid Analysis), ERCOT; Student, Georgia Tech

Engineer and analyst passionate about energy and sports.