(Yet Another) Migration to Blogdown Post

As of today, I’ve officially made the jump to using the R package blogdown (which uses the Hugo static-site generator under the hood) for my personal website. Previously, I had been using WordPress for my blogging purposes. In sync with the change in platform, I’m changing the name of this site from “Number Sense” (www.numbersense.org) to something involving my name (Tony ElHabr). Nonetheless, my original intents to write about math, sports, and data-related things have not changed. Perhaps the only major difference with me between now and then is my developed passion for programming, especially with R.

I’ll eventually get around to cleaning up my handful of old posts and sharing them here. (I used a WordPress to Hugo converter for the basic conversion, but there were still lots of links and formatting to be fixed .)

To kick of my sit migration, I suppose I could write a tutorial to explain how or why I’m transitioning, but it seems like everyone does that , so I don’t want to re-invent the wheel. Aside from individual write-up, the wonderful blogdown book should be sufficient for most people’s purposes.

Although I would like to blog on a regular basis, my job comes first for me—so if I don’t have time to blog, then I might not post anything for months at a time.

Tony ElHabr
Data person

Passionate mostly about energy markets and sports analytics.


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