Conversion of Old Posts to Bookdown

Conversion of Old Posts to Bookdown

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished converting the bulk of my old posts to an e-book, using the Yihui Xie’s wonderful {bookdown} package. The e-book is live on the docs branch of a GitHub repo.

The posts (now chapters) apply concepts in the field of decision analysis to evaluate “value” in the NBA Draft. Although analysis of the NBA draft itself is certainly not novel and , I think my approach is fairly original. Additionally, even though my perspective is not extremely “technical” (there is 0 code in the book), I think the content will serve as a good illustration of how far I have progressed as an analyst when I review and compare it to my level of analysis at any given time now and in the future.

Tony ElHabr
Market Operations (Electricity) Engineer, ERCOT; Student, Georgia Tech


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