This page lists the various how-to’s, guides, tutorials, etc. that I have created, keep track of, etc. I will make an effort to constantly update these lists (both for my benefit and the benefit of others). To prevent these list from being infintely long, I’m only listing resources that I have personally used.


Blog Posts


  • Ranking Data Science Podcasts (Done.)
  • Favorite Data Science Memes


  • Iterating over Dates/ (Done.)
  • Properly Re-ordering Discrete Data with Shared Factors across Facets (Probably dnot.)
  • NBA Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  • Contours with R Mapping Packages
  • R Quirks (e.g. .Deprecated() returns warning about being deprecated.)
  • Tips for Error Handling with R (i.e. Set call. = FALSE. Defining a warningf() function. Properuse user cases for try().)
  • paste() vs. sprintf() vs. glue::glue()


  • Econometrics vs. Machine Learning
  • Implementing econometrics functions in a tidy fashion
  • Update my personal coding conventions post


I would like to eventually convert my nba and nfl analysis projects to e-books.